arlendeskMy background and training are grounded in traditional psychotherapy, but I use various powerful and contemporary approaches tailored to the particular personalities, circumstances and needs of the couple or man I am caring for. I am focused on here-and-now solutions, but I am also all about connecting with your feelings and emotions.

I work with you to develop a trusting, safe, nonjudgmental and comfortable environment to explore issues and resolve problems. My years of working with gay male intimacy issues as well as my doctoral training in sexology will help you to feel totally safe and comfortable sharing the more private details of your life and your relationships. The deepening integrity of the therapeutic relationship will allow you (and your partner) to remove barriers and blocks to richer and more rewarding intimate connections. You will feel cared for and cared about in my hands. My philosophy is “no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”