Divorce/Separation Mediation

I am certified as a Family Mediator by the Supreme Court of Florida. This means the court, your attorney or you may request my services to help legally mediate your divorce or separation. Mediation is a voluntary, mutually agreed to, confidential conversation with the assistance of a facilitator. Having practiced Couples and Family Therapy for over 15 years, I bring an evenhanded, neutral and empathic perspective to the role of facilitator, helping you negotiate the details of the ending of your relationship. I am able to help divorcing couples determine how to fairly divide personal property and real estate. If children are involved, I can help you find reasonable timesharing and child support arrangements that are in the best interest of the children. If alimony is appropriate, I am able to help couples determine a fair settlement. I can provide your attorney with the legal documentation needed for a quick and friendly divorce settlement. If you are not legally married, we can draw up the parameters of an agreement, which may serve as the basis of a legal document for your attorney to write for you, or you may simply work from the amenable parameters agreed to in the mediation process.

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