For video sessions, you will want to register online here and then schedule your video session on the secure portal.  Visits thereafter are generally scheduled on a weekly basis, but you will want to schedule your sessions in consultation with my recommendations and availability. I will be happy to help you with your first visit, and you may call me personally at 954-768-8000.

For face-to-face office visits, please call me personally at 954-768-8000, and I will answer any questions you may have and help you schedule your first visit.

With the exception of Medicare, all visits are self-pay, fee-for-service, and your receipt will have all the information needed for you to file a claim for insurance reimbursement directly to you. The fee for my services whether individual or couples, in my office or via online video is $165 per 50 minute session. Credit cards are preferred. For eligible Medicare recipients, I will process your claims and receive payment directly from The Center for Medicare Services and your supplemental insurance company. Copays and deductibles do apply. Please note: Medicare does not cover video therapy.

MEDIATION APPOINTMENTS are not scheduled or paid for via the online portal. Please call me directly at 954-768-8000 to discuss the specifics for your particular mediation process, appointments and fees. Please note, insurance does not cover mediation sessions.

You may reach out to me at 954-768-7000.